Indications for In-Office Diagnostic Arthroscopy in the Shoulder

J.P. Warner, MD | Chief, Harvard Shoulder Service | Boston, MA

Shoulder pain and instability are common musculoskeletal conditions that often require advanced diagnostic imaging to further evaluate suspected pathology. Until recently, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with arthrogram, and/or Computed Tomography (CT) were the predominate imaging modalities.

With recent advancements in the field of in-office diagnostic arthroscopy, this new tool may offer significant value to you and your patient. In my early experience with mi-eye 2™ I have found several advantageous applications over traditional imaging techniques in the assessment of shoulder pathology.

mi-eye 2™ is likely to be accurate and helpful in patients with suspected pathology and conditions as follows:

  • Intra-articular rotator cuff disease
  • Patients with contraindications to MRI: claustrophobia, spinal or bladder stimulator, aneurysm clips, pacemaker, etc.
  • Biceps tendon pathology and SLAP lesions
  • Instability with or without bone loss which might help with definitive treatment selection.

As with MRI and CT, there are also contraindications to consider. For example, patients that present with a high BMI or who have undergone multiple previous surgeries may not be ideal candidates for this procedure. Certainly in-office arthroscopies are not meant to completely replace the use of MRI/A or CT in the diagnosis of shoulder pathologies. But I believe this technology will be a well-tolerated and novel offering for my patients and it will prove to be a valuable addition to my practice.

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