38th Annual Cherry Blossom Seminar

The First annual Cherry Blossom Seminar was held on April 2-4, 1982 at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. under the Chairmanship of Charles H. Epps, Jr., M.D. and M.Mike Malek, M.D. The first seminar was designed for the beginner Arthroscopist and included didactic lectures and hands on interactive workshops. The seminar was sponsored by Depuy with Howard University providing the CME accreditation. An international faculty was invited and provided an outstanding educational experience for over two hundred and fifty participants.

The Cherry Blossom Seminar over the past 39 years has evolved in format and now incorporates multiple sponsors. It now caters to a wider range of health fields including not just physicians, fellows and residents but nurses, PAs, PTs and ATC’s. Our principle idea is to provide the best educational experience for those seeking higher levels of knowledge and expertise in Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine. Since the inception we have conducted 40 seminars in the past 39 years and have assisted in arthroscopy, arthroscopic surgery and related surgery education of over 4500 orthopaedic surgeons, fellows and residents. At the present time the Cherry Blossom Seminar is the longest running independent Arthroscopy/ Arthroplasty seminar in the world.

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Program Highlights

Topics on shoulder, knee and arthroplasty. Workshops on knee and shoulder resurfacing, Topics on shoulder, knee and arthroscopy/arthroplasty Subchondroplasty and its effect on bundling Workshops on knee and shoulder resurfacing Social media PRP and Stem Cell therapy with live patient demonstration.


  • Rotator Cuff tears in Athletes
  • Overhead throwing athletes
  • Internal impingement
  • Subscapularis repair
  • Medium and large rotator cuff tears
  • Biceps tendon tears
  • Superior capsular repair
  • Tendon transfers
  • Role of Biologics in Cuff surgery
  • Posterior shoulder subluxation
  • Multidirectional instabilities
  • Superior labral tears
  • Arthroscopic treatment of massive tears
  • Augmented repair for recurrent dislocation
  • Bipolar bone changes in Recurrent dislocations
  • Open treatment for shoulder stabilization
  • Bone grafting for large glenoid loss
  • Latarjet Procedure


  • Meniscal tears, repair or resect
  • Meniscal transplantation
  • Artificial meniscus implants
  • Diagnostic office arthroscopy
  • MCL tears, repair or not repair
  • Correct placement of ACL graft
  • Transtibial vs Medial approach
  • Principles of revision ACL surgery
  • Complications/Pitfalls in ACL surgery
  • Arthroscopically assisted PCL surgery
  • MPFL Reconstruction
  • Chondral defects of the knee
  • Second generation ACI/ MACI
  • Particulate Jeuvenile Cartilage
  • Subchondroplasty
  • Arthrosurface
  • Unicondylar knee arthroplasty
  • Total knee and revision arthroplasty

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