ASSH Wrist Course: What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know About the Wrist: Distal Radius, Carpus and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain

What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know About the Wrist: Distal Radius, Carpus and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain

This course will present up-to-date information and techniques regarding disorders that are treated by hand surgeons. In addition to covering common conditions and ensuring the participants have the best information and knowledge to provide state-of-the-art care, the course will also review conditions which are less frequently seen and less well understood. This will enable participants to apply current research and knowledge into their clinical practices and provide optimal care to their patients.




By the end of the course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Identify normal and pathologic radiographic features of distal radius, carpal, and ulnar sided wrist injuries.
  • Recognize distal radius fracture patterns, understand indications for surgical and nonoperative treatment, and apply an appropriate treatment algorithm to find the optimal surgical approach for these injuries.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the potential pitfalls and nuances of surgical approaches for treating distal radius fractures to minimize complications.
  • Identify patterns of carpal instability and appropriate treatments for these.
  • Apply an evidence-based approach towards management of scaphoid fractures and nonunions.
  • Understand the complex anatomy of the ulnar side of the wrist and apply that understanding to be able to perform and accurate and detailed physical examination.
  • Treat common and uncommon, straightforward and complex, disorders of the ulnar side of the wrist.


Reid A. Abrams, MD
Brian D. Adams, MD
Mark E. Baratz, MD
Richard A. Brown, MD
Douglas P. Hanel, MD
James P. Higgins, MD
Sanjeev Kakar, MD, FAOA
Leo T. Kroonen, MD
Charles F. Leinberry, MD
Kevin F. Lutsky, MD
Robert J. Medoff, MD
Matthew J. Meunier, MD
Nicole Strauss Schroeder, MD
Steven S. Shin, MD
Leslie E. Sisco, MD
Theresa O. Wyrick, MD


Mark E. Baratz, MD
Kevin F. Lutsky, MD

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