Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession (EGR)

Our Unique Seg-WAY Endoscopic System gives you greater control and unparalleled visualization. It delivers the tactile feel of an endoscopic scalpel in a minimally invasive approach that can help reduce the lengthy recovery time associated with these types of surgeries. Unlike most competitive systems, the scope functions independently from the knife, rasp, and probe providing ultimate system flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Uni-Minimal Incision – 8mm-10mm
  • Minimal Tissue Damage
  • Faster Surgery Time – Approximately 2-5 minutes
  • Potential for patient to be mobile the next day
  • Left and Right Guide – blade handling preference
  • 3x the field of view
  • Tactile knife and probe
  • System utilizes a standard 4mm 30° scope
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