Circle Reading Hospital First in Europe to Use New Tool Which Can Speed Up Diagnosis

Circle Reading Hospital has become the first hospital in Europe to use a state-of-the-art diagnostic device called mi-eye 2, enabling significantly quicker diagnoses compared to traditional MRI scans.

While MRI and ultrasound are both useful tools, the hospital in Reading, Berkshire is delighted to add in-clinic arthroscopy to its list of options for patients.

First developed in the United States by Trice Medical, mi-eye 2 offers a fast way to diagnose joint conditions affecting areas such as the knee, shoulder or hip.

Rather than having to wait several days for MRI results, and have multiple appointments, the consultant can complete an assessment at the patient’s first consultation. During the brief procedure, the patient can watch the results live on a screen while having an explanation from the consultant specialist.

The mi-eye 2 is a disposable in-clinic arthroscopy consisting of a needle with a wide-angle camera lens. It enables specialists to diagnose joint injuries in the clinic under local anaesthetic.

It has proved to be successful in the United States, helping specialists to diagnose conditions such as cartilage defects, soft tissue injuries and arthritic pain.

A survey of 300 patients, commissioned by Trice Medical, found 86 percent valued a diagnosis within the first visit. Furthermore, 89 percent said they preferred mi-eye over an MRI scan, given the benefits of both.

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