Introducing Trice Medical’s Single-Use, High Resolution Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System

Seg-WAY ECTR-d is the first, fully disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel release system on the market designed to properly position the incision in the Ulnar Safe Zone. The new, innovative system provides enhanced efficiency and safety with the ability to perform ECTR under local anesthetic. The tray and instruments are completely sterile and disposable, and when combined with a disposable arthroscope, result in quicker setup and turnaround times. Guides available in the Seg-WAY ECTR-d kits are available in multiple diameters to best accommodate the surgeon's preferred arthroscope size. The system is compatible with a 2.3mm disposable arthroscope, such as mi-eye angled, or a 4.0mm standard arthroscope for versatility unavailable in other ECTR systems.

Featuring the new, high resolution mi-eye 3 angled needlescopetm

Why use ECTR-d?

Safety First

System is completely disposable which decreases the risk of infection

Anatomy Specific – Left and right guides place the blade in the Ulnar Safe Zone

Rasp- to visualize transverse fibers before release

Probe – to visualize and locate ligament’s distal end before release and locate uncut fibers to ensure a complete release


Smaller incision in the wrist


Guide size versatility to best accommodate surgeon’s preferred arthroscope size.

Compatible with a 2.3mm or smaller diameter disposable off-axis angled arthroscope

Compatible with a traditional 4.0mm arthroscope


Entire kit, including the top hand positioner and all instruments, are fully disposable

Quick turnaround time; enabling increased case volume

Disposability enables in office procedures under local anesthetic

Average Cost Savings

ECTR-d Kit saves an average of $102 per case vs a reusable ECTR system*

Check out the latest study published by the Rothman Institute

Cost savings per case when using a disposable ECTR Kit: $102*

*Reusable pricing information collected from PubMed Central & American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Disposable pricing based upon product cost with volume discount.
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