Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release (ECuTR)

Seg-WAY is the first ECuTR system that allows the surgeon to safely view the entire ligament from above and below through controlled portals in the guide. It is also the only system in which the scope and the blade work independently of each other giving the surgeon a better field of view and a tactile feel. The system is designed so that the Ulnar nerve may be safely viewed and followed before the release is performed. The guide covers the blade on both sides of the ligament so as to protect any unwanted release.

Features and Benefits

Safety First
Split Guide/Dual Scope Channels – 360° view allows the surgeon to view the ligament above and below to ensure there is no nerve

Nerve Portal – allows the surgeon to rotate the scope to view and follow the nerve

Covered Blade Channel – protects surrounding tissue and nerve while releasing the ligament

Smaller incision for faster recovery

Rotating guide allows the surgeon to release with either hand or to move the release over

Large field of view above and below to make sure no nerve is in the release

Longer guide allows the surgeon to release as much as necessary

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