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A faster way to visualize joint injuries

mi-eye is an alternative to the MRI

Your doctor will use mi-eye to examine your injury, provide in-office analysis, effect faster treatment, and schedule next steps.
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Strikingly clear visualization showing a torn meniscus
Inconclusive MRI imagery intended to identify source of knee pain

You don't have to feel trapped

Many who have had an MRI experience anxiety attacks, claustrophobia, and deep, negative emotional reactions from being enclosed.
Patients with metal implants, and even braces may not qualify as candidates for an MRI.

The mi-eye procedure is performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office – and is covered by most major insurance carriers, including Medicare.*

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See how mi-eye saves you time

By choosing mi-eye, the average patient is back to an active life at least 2 weeks sooner* than when choosing an MRI.

*Based on estimated time-frame from radiology testing and results, including follow-up consultation.

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Get back to your life sooner with mi-eye
"If I had the choice of MRI or mi-eye, mi-eye all the way"
Go in depth with CBS and discover Trice Medical's revolutionary orthopedic solution: mi-eye.
"It's a lot cheaper, easier and pain free."
"mi-eye saved me money and time."
See a mi-eye procedure from start to finish with Dr. W. Bryan Jennings.
A product overview with Dr. Sean McMillan

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