can visualize joint injuries without an MRI
The mi-eye is an in-office handheld diagnostic scope that is inserted into a joint to view the injury. The scope has a light source and camera that displays a clear image of your injury on a high definition Tablet display.

How it Works

Your doctor will clean and sterile prep the procedure site
Local anesthetic numbs the skin and surrounding area to reduce pain
Once the joint is numb, your doctor will re-prep the area and insert the mi-eye into the joint
During the procedure, your doctor will examine your joint, giving you a real-time view with little to no pain
After the procedure, the area is bandaged and you can return to normal activities with an immediate answer and treatment plan

See how mi-eye saves you time

By choosing mi-eye, the average patient is back to an active life at least 2 weeks sooner* than when choosing an MRI.

*Based on estimated time-frame from radiology testing and results, including follow-up consultation.

Patient Testimonials

"mi-eye saved me money and time"
Jason Shultz Atlanta, GA USA
"It's a lot cheaper, easier and pain free"
Heather Skeen Winston-Salem, NC USA
"MRI or mi-eye? mi-eye all the way"
Detective Raymond Blohm Philadelphia, PA USA

More about mi-eye

Get back to your life sooner with mi-eye
"If I had the choice of MRI or mi-eye, mi-eye all the way"
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"It's a lot cheaper, easier and pain free."
"mi-eye saved me money and time."
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