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Trice Medical's continued pursuit to innovate on behalf of physicians takes a leap forward with the NEW mi-ultra™ Physicians will have an elegant, lightweight game-changer in their hands, whether diagnosing joint injuries or injecting.

Benefits You Can See

Ease of use

The ergonomically-friendly mi-ultra represents a dynamic solution that is as comfortable to use as it is effective.

Improved Precision

mi-ultra is an excellent tool that can provide optimal clarity to physicians whether performing diagnoses or injections.

Rewarded by Insurance Companies

Reimbursements on ultrasound-guided injections are typically greater than unguided injections due to improved accuracy and effectiveness.

Models & Specifications

Linear Ultrasound Transducer

At a mere 80 grams, this linear array transducer rivals many large ultrasound machines. The higher frequency range allows for greater image clarity.
  • 1-10 cm Depth Range
  • 7.5-15 MHz scan frequency
  • Size: 142 mm x 58 mm
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • 38 mm patient contact

Convex Ultrasound Transducer

This lightweight, handheld and portable curved array ultrasound uses a lower frequency permitting deeper tissue penetration.
  • 1-21 cm Depth Range
  • 3.5-7.5 MHz scan frequency
  • Size: 150 mm x 62 mm
  • Weight: 110 grams
  • 60° Scan Angle
  • 49 mm patient contact

Treat your patients with greater confidence using mi-ultra

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