New England Orthopedic Surgeons offering an eye inside the body

The most stressful part of any medical diagnosis can be playing the waiting game. With many health complications, sometimes patients want answers on the spot as opposed to waiting for days, or even weeks, for test results to come back.

On the bright side, doctors at New England Orthopedic Surgeons are implementing a revolutionary technology that saves patients time and aggravation when it comes to their diagnosis.

An FDA cleared device called the mi-eye 2 is an innovative alternative to traditional MRI scans and X-ray technology. This handheld arthroscope (an endoscope made particularly for joint inspection), made up of a needle and light source, provides a visualization of interior cavities of the body through a needle portal. It is an in-office imaging solution that allows surgeons to perform a full diagnostic arthroscopy without the hassle of waiting for an MRI.

The mi-eye 2 enables surgeons and physicians to provide real-time analysis, apply faster treatment, and schedule surgery or physical therapy immediately – resulting in quicker outcomes for patients and a more efficient process for doctors.

The device was developed by Trice Medical based in Pennsylvania, which was founded to fundamentally improve orthopedic diagnostics for the patient and physician by providing instant answers.

“The mi-eye 2 offers results better than those of traditional MRI scans for diagnosing certain conditions,” says Dr. John Corsetti, an orthopedic surgeon at NEOS. “It provides an eye inside the body.”

The mi-eye 2 technology is still in the implementation phase at hospitals and orthopedic facilities across the nation, having debuted about a year and a half ago. It is used particularly for examining joint issues in the knee, and sometimes in the shoulder, depending on the location.

“Using the mi-eye 2 only takes about five to ten minutes from start to finish for the procedure, whereas a traditional MRI would take anywhere from 35-45 minutes to complete”, explains Dr. Corsetti. Additionally, for an MRI there is a waiting period for the results. Dr. Corsetti also explains how quick and simple using the mi-eye arthroscope is for patients, who can sit right in his office for the duration of the procedure.

“The advantage of the mi-eye technology is that it takes places in a setting convenient for the patient. They find out their results right on the spot.”

The procedure starts with local anesthesia administered to the joint and its surrounding tissues that need examination. The patient will be awake. It is a one-handed tool, giving the surgeon freedom to feel around the knee or point out certain problem areas.

The arthroscope’s needle contains the camera, which the doctor engages once it is placed into the body part being examined. Patients can watch the procedure on a screen as the surgeon or physician moves it around to determine the root of the joint issue.

“It’s neat because I can see the pathology at the same time as the patient,” says Dr. Corsetti. “It is all visualization, and is not considered a treatment tool. It is a tool used to help determine the next steps, whether it’s treatment or surgery.”

Once the procedure is finished, patients can walk right out of the office without crutches.

“The injection site is covered with a bandage, it’s simply a needle stick,” says Dr. Corsetti. “Patients may only experience mild pain afterwards, like after getting a shot.”

The device is used predominantly within the knee to assess troubles in the meniscus, arthritic pain, and fractures. When used in the shoulder, it is to assess damage to the rotator cuff and surrounding areas.

Dr. Corsetti advises that only certain patients are ideal candidates for the use of the mi-eye 2.

“Younger children, frail individuals, obese patients, or people afraid of needles may not be the best candidates for this procedure,” advises Dr. Corsetti. He is able to safely assess the proper candidates before performing the procedure. “Overall, the mi-eye 2 has been used on patients from 15 years old to 86 years old.”

The simplicity and speed of the new tool has had nothing but rave reviews at NEOS.

“Patient satisfaction has been extremely high with this new technology,” says Dr. Corsetti. “They are pleased that they get to work with me while they are awake so they can ask me any questions about what they see on the screen.”

This is Dr. Corsetti’s favorite part of using the device. “The doctor-patient comradery that comes about from using the mi-eye 2 is really neat,” concludes Dr. Corsetti.

“Discovering their pathology in real time gives patients more freedom and peace of mind to better understand what is happening within their body and evaluate their next steps.”

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