OrthoStreams: Keep Your Eye on Trice Medical!

I am constantly looking for highly disruptive technology companies in orthopedics. Trice Medical is one.  I am a big fan of Trice. I am calling this one early!  Trice Medical will be a hugely successful startup.  In many ways, Trice reminds me of my last successful disruptive startup, Ellipse Technologies.

What is Trice Doing?

Trice Medical sells an “in-the-office diagnostic arthroscopy“.  The mi-eye 2™ system is fully integrated with a camera, light source, and cannula. It connects to a tablet for visualization.  Trice Medical provides the mi-eye 2 handheld system for a diagnosis of any joint diagnosis with direct visualization within minutes for less than an MRI.  Instantly, the patient can have a proper diagnosis of the soft tissues inside the joint in minutes, no waiting.

I believe that Trice will both delay and replace expensive timely MRI diagnoses as orthopedists discover this tool over time. From the company’s own words, “Now, physicians can provide realtime analysis, effect faster treatment, and schedule patients for surgery immediately – resulting in quicker outcomes for patients and a more efficient process for doctors.”


VIDEO from CBS News

More About mi-eye 2

  • An injured knee or shoulder can take weeks to visualize and diagnose with an MRI. mi-eye 2 is faster, providing real-time, vivid imaging that benefits both patient and doctor with the answers necessary to determine the best treatment – in just one visit.
  • mi-eye 2 empowers physicians with answers in just one consultation. The result is that patients can be scheduled for surgery immediately.
  • mi-eye 2 helps doctors eliminate the fine line between physical therapy and surgery with an immediate visualization. Instant results help patients recover up to two weeks faster than when choosing an MRI. * *Based on estimated time-frame from radiology testing and results, including follow-up consultation.
  • A wide, 120° viewing angle empowers doctors with the expanded perspective they need to visualize and confirm joint injuries.
  • mi-eye 2 presents a vivid picture on a large, HD Microsoft tablet – with striking resolution for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Doctors and patients can watch mi-eye 2’s impressive visualization in real-time on an HD screen. There is no better way to demonstrate the nature of an injury – or to put a patient at ease.
  • mi-eye 2 provides surgeons and patients with immediate, eyes-on, answers to the condition of the intra-articular joint space. mi-eye 2 is a fully disposable, single-use device that is delivered in sterile packaging and ready for immediate application.
  • Optimized for use in the orthopedic office setting, mi-eye 2 delivers immediate visualization, practice friendly ease of use, and a simple streamlined procedure.

More About Trice Medical

Trice Medical was founded to fundamentally improve orthopedic diagnostics for the patient, physician, and payor by providing instant, eyes-on, answers.  Trice Medical has pioneered fully integrated camera-enabled technology, the mi-eye 2, that provides a clinical solution optimized for the physician’s office.  Trice Medical’s mission is to provide more immediate and definitive patient care, eliminating the false reads associated with current indirect modalities and significantly reduce the overall cost to the healthcare system. Trice Medical is a venture capital backed company; Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), BioStar Ventures and HealthQuest Capital are its major investors; smaller firms and angel investors have completed the rounds. 

For more information, visit www.tricemedical.com; follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or call 610-989-8080.